Cambridge MA Home Price

Cambridge MA home price and real estate market statistics for condo, single family, and multi-family homes sold.

Property Type# SoldAvg. Sale $Median Sale $SP:OP
YE 2019571$935,272$789,000101%
YE 2020524$1,001,568$820,000100%
YE 2021741$987,707$825,000101%
YE 2022591$1,114,260$910,000101%
YTD 8-31-2023368$1,130,739$939,000100%
Single Family
YE 2019102$2,049,733$1,548,000103%
YE 2020108$2,188,930$1,681,000100%
YE 2021148$2,124,383$1,800,000105%
YE 2022112$2,441,989$1,872,500105%
YTD 8-31-202363$2,537,325$1,965,000102%
YE 201982$2,114,933$1,700,25098%
YE 202070$1,973,961$1,741,00099%
YE 202184$2,115,204$1,717,50099%
YE 2022102$2,166,418$1,887,50097%
YTD 8-31-202338$2,087,961$1.805,00098%

KEY:  YE = Year End    YTD = Year To Date    SP:OP = Sales Price to Original Price Ratio
Data Source: MLS Pinergy® as of 9-13-2023
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Cambridge MA Housing Inventory 2019-2023

Total number of residential condo, single family, and multi-family homes listed for sale in Cambridge MA 2019-2023

Property TypeYE 2019YE 2020YE 2021YE 2022YTD 8-31-2023

KEY:  YE = Year End    YTD = Year To Date
Data Source: MLS Pinergy® as of 9-13-2023
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Average Home Price Cambridge MA

How Is Average and Median Price Calculated?

We calculate the average home price by adding the sum of all home sale prices and then divide them by the total number of homes sold.  Therefore, the median home price is calculated by finding the middle value so as to remove extreme values.  In other words, when we calculate the median home price, half of the values are larger and half are smaller.

Why Is Median Home Price Important?

In many cases national media will state an average home price when they report on real estate.  However, a mortgage lender will focus on median home price as a more accurate depiction of home value changes in a given market.

Furthermore, a mortgage lender will determine if a real estate market is appreciating or depreciating.  Lenders measure median home price activity by zip code.  Many factors determine the cost of a mortgage loan; however, the increase or decrease of the median home price by zip code is a significant factor.

About Cambridge MA

Location & Governance

Cambridge, Massachusetts is located 2.23 miles northwest of downtown Boston and comprises 6.5 square miles of land.  Cambridge zip codes include 02138, 02139, 02140, 02141, 02142, 02163, and 02238 (used for PO Boxes only).

While settled in 1630 and incorporated as a city in 1846;  presently Cambridge MA follows a “Plan E Proportional Representation” style of governance.

Residential Taxes in Cambridge MA

The Fiscal Year 2023 residential tax rate for Cambridge, MA is 5.86%.  For more information about taxes see Residential Taxes in MA

Housing Overview

With a population of 105,162 residents, the average household size is 2 persons and the median household income is $94,100.  Of 47,291 total housing units, 35% are owner-occupied, 65% are rented and 5% are vacant.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau 2010-2014; City of Cambridge MA; MLS Pinergy®

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