My home selling advice is to first and foremost understand how to protect your negotiating position before interviewing real estate agents.

Home Selling Advice – Protect Your Negotiating Position

Wait until you’ve formally hired your Home Listing Agent before sharing confidential information about your home and selling goals with real estate agents.

Protect your private and confidential information to maintain a strong negotiating position. DO NOT discuss the following with anyone until you’ve hired the Home Listing Agent who will represent only you and your best interests:

  • Reasons for selling your home
  • Time frame desired or urgency to sell
  • Willingness to consider offers at certain prices
  • Financing terms you would be willing to accept
  • Personal property you may be willing to include in the sale
  • Details or terms of a company relocation or employment package
  • Personal, financial or confidential Information of any kind

I strongly recommend that you not share details about your home or the plans to sell with neighbors, colleagues, and friends until you and your home listing agent are ready to formally promote the property for sale. When in doubt, “Mum’s the word”!

Do Your Homework First

Before interviewing agents, prepare details about your home which factor into the fair market value. Keep it simple but informative.

For example, if you know with certainty the age of the roof, heating and a/c system and hot water heater, these facts will be helpful.  If you completed improvements during ownership or have details about renovations that were completed prior to your purchase, include a basic description and year completed.

Preparing a basic list before agent interviews will help you keep the interview focused upon the Agent’s experience, knowledge, and professional marketing and selling services. 

Interview Several Agents

There are hundreds of licensed real estate agents who claim to work in Cambridge, Massachusetts and every other local market within the greater Boston area.  Be very selective. Choose a local agent who demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in your neighborhood, city or town.

Take time to thoroughly research agents before speaking with them or inviting them to your home. Do not hesitate to ask for references from past clients and real estate industry professionals.

If you would like a sample list of questions to ask during interviews, I always provide one to my potential seller clients. Not every agent will have the skills you require and not all skills listed on paper truly represent the agent’s qualifications.

Listen to your instincts and if you do not feel completely comfortable after the interviews, keep searching to find the most qualified professional available.

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