Give Back to the Community

I actively feel a strong sense of duty to give back to the community and help those who need it the most in any way that I can.  My Mother and I volunteered together when I was a shy child, to help a senior citizen with grocery shopping. We picked them up in our station wagon and then assist them in filling their grocery cart. After shopping, we carried the grocery bags into their kitchen and put away the items.

Despite my discomfort as a shy child, I still remember the heart-warming gratitude extended to us for our help. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I watched my Parents volunteer and serve many non-profit organizations. I continue to volunteer and support non-profit organizations that are fiscally responsible and managed well.  Helping those who need it most feels good, but it feels even better when you have complete faith in the organization and watch them continue to succeed.

Photo of Tamela holding a sign titled Giving Feels Good

Give To Community Servings

Image includes the Community Servings Logo with the words "Food Heals" and an orange cooking pot with a white heart on the front.

Community Servings strongly believes in the astonishing power of food.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they create scratch-made meals that are medically tailored for over 35 critical illnesses. Community Servings then delivers the meals to Clients at home because they are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Their food campus in Jamaica Plain presently serves over 2,000 clients throughout Massachusetts and Rhode each week, and the wait list continues to grow.

I volunteer to sell pies and raise funds for Community Servings Annual “Pie In The Sky” Thanksgiving Bake Sale. Additionally, I founded and currently serve as the team captain for “Team PIE IT FORWARD”, a volunteer team of like-minded professionals who give back to the community. Our fundraising total since 2009 is over $900,000! It is also an honor to serve on the Community Servings Board of Advisors.


Community Servings

Give to Children’s Miracle Network

Boston Children’s Hospital – Boston MA

Photo of the RE/MAX Children's Miracle Network logo

I donate a portion of my commission earned for every home sale to the Children’s Miracle Network. I love this organization because every dollar I donate is given directly to a local hospital in the network. We are fortunate in the Boston area to have world-class healthcare facilities like Boston Children’s Hospital. Every dollar I donate surely helps children receive the best medical care available.

Boston Children’s Hospital

Give To “Our Place”

“Our Place” Day Care Center for Homeless Children

Photo of the logo for Our Place Salvation Army Day Care Center for Homeless Children showing child's hands

I support “Our Place” because homeless children have no control over their circumstances. I wholeheartedly believe that every child deserves the very best chance in life. “Our Place” is more than just a day care center; they serve the needs of the entire family.

“Our Place” Day Care Center for Homeless Children helps families break the cycle of homelessness. Their mission is to help a family attain self-sufficiency with educational, emotional, and spiritual services for each family member. When a child is enrolled in Our Place, the parents can work, seek permanent housing, attend school, receive counseling, volunteer in the center, and attend a Parent Workshop.

“Our Place” Salvation Army Day Care Center for Homeless Children