Thank You for helping Team PIE IT FORWARD raise over $100k for Community Servings 30th Annual “Pie In The Sky” Thanksgiving Bake Sale!

Team PIE IT FORWARD, established in 2009, is a team of volunteers that sell Thanksgiving pies to raise funds for the benefit of Community Servings. Since its inception, our fundraising total to date is over $800,000 with the sale of over 26,000 pies.  Not only do we have fun in our fundraising but we also put in the effort to support Community Servings in any way possible. We are grateful for the unwavering support provided by our family, friends, and clients.

Photo of Team PIE IT FORWARD 2022 showing all team members

Team PIE IT FORWARD 2022 Members

Tamela Roche, Barbara & Jim Conen, Mike Bavuso, Joe Aceto, Karen Coleman, Kathy Wentworth, Brian Jurgens, Ellen Grubert & Janis Lippman, Ryan Wittig, Stella Marquez-Murray

“Pie In The Sky” for Community Servings

“Pie In The Sky” created by Community Servings CEO David B. Waters is one of the most successful bake sales in the country.  For a $30 donation you receive a freshly baked pie as a Thank You for your support.  Three pie flavors are available in 2022 which are apple, pecan, and pumpkin.

More than 90 cents of every $1 raised directly benefits Community Servings Clients who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.  Community Servings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

About Community Servings

Community Servings believes in the astonishing power of food.  They create delicious, scratch-made medically tailored meals with the highest quality of ingredients from food sources good for the economy and environment.

Community Servings is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 which is consistently given high ratings by GuideStar.  GuideStar – Community Servings

Medically Tailored Meals

Licensed Dieticians develop over 15 medical diets aimed to help clients combat more than 35 specific illnesses. Community Servings serves clients who are battling a range of conditions, including HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease. In some cases, clients require diets designed for multiple devastating illnesses.

Presently, over 2,200 Community Servings clients receive medically tailored meals but the waitlist continuing to grow. In January 2020, the new Food Campus was inaugurated in Jamaica Plain MA.  Additionally, the new food campus is able to support an increase of 70% in the production of medically tailored meals for critically ill clients.

Food Is Medicine

Community Servings is leading the “Food Is Medicine” campaign across the country.  They share expertise with other cities in the “Food Is Medicine Accelerator Program”.  Because of several grants received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Community Servings conducts national research to help change the way America feeds the sick.  Additionally, Community Servings proves that medically tailored meals improve medical outcomes and reduces overall healthcare costs by 16%!

Servings Direct

“Servings Direct” is the self-pay version of the medically tailored meals (MTM) program.  Medically tailored meals are a proven nutrition intervention developed over 30 years for people experiencing critical and chronic illnesses.

Teaching Kitchen

Community Servings “Teaching Kitchen” is a free 12-week job training program for people interested in careers in the food service industry who face barriers to employment. As trainees learn food preparation and cooking techniques, they help the culinary team prepare meals to be delivered to Community Servings clients.

Photo of Team PIE IT FORWARD captain Tamela Roche standing beside a banner for Community ServingsAbout Tamela Roche