As a Home Seller in Massachusetts, you have the right to work with a Listing/Seller Agent who has the fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interests as a home seller, not the buyer.

Beware many real estate agents and real estate agent teams practice “dual agency” or “disclosed dual agency” which means they work with both the seller and buyer in the same transaction. It is my choice to not practice dual agency, to ensure my Client’s best interests are always represented with undivided loyalty.

Contact Tamela today to schedule a Residential Marketing Consultation which includes a comprehensive overview of the current market, the home sale trends from the past 10 years, a customized marketing proposal, education to be sure you Know Your Rights as a home buyer in Massachusetts and Home Selling Advice.

Above all else, ensure the real estate agent you hire will represent your best interests during the sale of your home. Read more in How To Select Your Seller Agent and Home Seller Testimonials from past Clients who worked with Tamela as their Listing/Seller Agent.