My local real estate statistics show the home sale prices for Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, Medford, and Somerville MA from 2019-2022.

Local Real Estate Statistics

My local market statistics include the average and median home sale price as well as the sale price to original price ratio for the years ending 2019-2022.

When you are ready to sell your home or buy a new home; I will compile in-depth market statistics to help estimate the fair market value.

Market Knowledge

Market knowledge in real estate requires far more than an algorithm; to gain a deep understanding of the market one must see homes in person.

I enjoy previewing homes with and for my Clients.  Sometimes I preview homes purely for comparison sake or to “scout” properties while Clients are at work or traveling.  Property videos and virtual tours are helpful to qualify a home but nothing replaces being in the space in person.

My Residential Market Analysis provides a long term perspective (past 10 years or more) to help Clients see a bird’s eye view of the overall strength or weakness of a given market as well as the current and historical trends.

I take great pride for the in-depth research I conduct for Clients; receiving their compliments on my market statistics and trend analysis is one of the best rewards.  My Clients know I take fair market value very seriously to ensure they receive the most reliable market analysis possible for the current market.  Now if only I had a crystal ball to predict the future!

Fair Market Value

What is your home worth?  What is the fair market value of the new home you plan to purchase?  Due diligence is needed to compile the most relevant market statistics and identify the most comparable properties sold recently for comparison.  The best way to know if a property is truly “comparable” is by seeing it in person.

For the past several years, our local markets have experienced record-breaking increases in home sale prices for properties in very good condition and perceived as being priced fairly. Even in the best of markets, not every home will sell at the asking price or even sell at all.

Intimate knowledge of the local market is imperative when evaluating home values for sellers and buyers.  I only work in markets for which I have first-hand knowledge and experience from seeing many homes in person.