I am blessed to work with many amazing Clients and real estate professionals since 2002 and grateful for their Client Reviews.

Home Buyer’s Agent:  Client Reviews

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Ever since I began my career in real estate, I have exclusively represented clients as either a home buyer or home seller, rather than working with both parties in the same transaction. This policy stands out as uncommon in the industry, as most agents opt to work with both sides in order to earn a higher commission. My business, however, is solely dedicated to serving the best interests of my clients. Dual agency, or the practice of working with both sides, creates an obvious conflict of interest and is not conducive to promoting the best interests of either home buyers or sellers.  Tamela Roche Buyer’s Agent Reviews

Home Listing Agent:  Client Reviews

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Prior to engaging in a discussion with real estate agents regarding the sale of your home, I highly recommend you review my home seller advice and home seller protection guidelines.  Avoid the mistake of inadvertently sharing confidential information to an agent who is not committed to representing your best interests. It is surprising how many times I speak with home sellers who are unaware of this crucial advice. Frequently, I am the only agent to provide this basic education before delving into specifics regarding the home itself.  Tamela Roche Listing Agent Reviews

Industry Reviews for Tamela Roche

Mortgage Lender

“Tamela Roche is one of the best Real Estate Agents I know and she takes the time to go above and beyond.  Tamela provides her clients with all the information they need to make the right decision to buy or sell their home.  With extreme attention to detail, Tamela makes sure all relevant items are taken care of up front to avoid unwelcome surprises. One of Tamela’s best qualities is how personable she is with Clients.  Tamela truly cares about her clients and it is evident by their loyalty to her.”
Kathy W., Senior Loan Originator

Real Estate Attorney

“I first met Tamela at a Chamber of Commerce event and I could tell right away that she was on top of things, which isn’t always the case. Even though there are unforeseen issues to tackle, the transaction is closed smoothly and clients are extremely pleased. Tamela has a great personality and the substance to go with it.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Massachusetts.”
Patrick D., Founder and Managing Partner, Real Estate Law Firm

Relocation Consultant

“Tamela is such a genuine person and very good at what she does. She will go above and beyond to help a client.  She helped my client and his family with a residential relocation and also helped to implement a new company strategy for employee relocation packages. Needless to say, my client is very happy!  I refer Tamela without a question!”
Stephanie K.F., Project Manager, Consultant – Corporate Relocation

Home Inspector

“I am impressed with the extremely high level of commitment, dedication and service that Tamela provides her clients. She has a very thorough understanding of the concerns her clients face.  Tamela is well-versed in the issues and concerns of the residential Real Estate industry.  Whatever the concern may be, she acts truly in the best interest of her clients.”
Morgan C., Registered Professional MA Home Inspector

Real Estate Developer

“Tamela has boundless energy and strict attention to the small details that matter in large ways to ensure success at the Town Homes at Brighton Mills. The 20-unit, middle-income development is Boston’s first affordable home ownership development during the post-recession. Tamela carried it through marketing, applications, lottery, and sales.”
J. Madden, The Community Builders, Inc.