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A professional full motion video on Tamela Roche, Realtor YouTube Channel is included with my marketing service for exclusive listings.

Tamela Roche, Realtor – YouTube Channel

My home listing and marketing services include professional photography and a full motion video.  Each property video includes a full motion tour of the interior and exterior. In addition, each video includes drone filming to provide an overhead view to showcase the entire property.

Tamela Roche Realtor YouTube Channel

Home Images:  Accuracy and Integrity

Despite a variety of tools available to create home video; my focus is to produce high quality images resulting in a “life-like” tour that represents the home features, characteristics, and spatial dimensions as accurately as possible.

Working with a professional photographer for over ten years has helped me to learn a great deal.  I started working with a professional videographer in 2017 to create live motion video that includes drone footage, subtitles, and music.  Experience has taught me that a live motion video provides a far more “life like” tour just as one sees it while walking through the home in person.

Early in my real estate career I learned that a photo or video that is not true to the living space or even distorts a living area is more likely to result in a negative outcome.  The professionals I work with help me to ensure a visit in person after watching my property video will only enhance the home features.  The most important aspect for me is to avoid a scenario in which the property video creates disappointment for a home buyer when they visit in person.

A picture speaks a thousand words and even just one poor image can be the reason home buyers decide not to visit a home for sale.

Tamela Roche – Listing Agent Services

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