Every homebuyer dreams of finding the perfect home … in the first few weeks of their new home search. Then reality sets in and compromising begins. How do you determine which home features are worth compromising? The best practice is to identify features that cannot be changed such as the location and neighborhood. If these two things do not meet your requirements, then focus on homes that do. Consider aspects that can be changed such as paint colors and flooring types to determine if your budget includes minor improvements. Are there ways in which spaces or rooms can be re-purposed? Structural changes can be costly and may require additional permits or approvals which are never guaranteed; but re-purposing rooms or small areas without significant re-structuring may provide just the space needed (for example, a powder room added to a closet under a staircase or laundry added to a linen closet). Count upon me to help you further refine your property search criteria as well as help you envision the possibilities in a home that does not currently fulfill your wish list. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and elbow grease to find your “dream home”!