Buyer Client Testimonials

Buyer Client Testimonials

Buyer Client Testimonials

“Tamela was thorough, professional and helpful from the word “go”. We appreciated her organization and guidance during such a complicated process. Thank you!”
Kristan S., Buyer in Arlington
October 11, 2007

“We did not understand how much value a realtor can bring to the home-buying process before we met Tamela. She helped us to discover our own priorities in a new home, shared a deep knowledge of current market values, and most importantly represented our rights with the highest integrity at every turn. We worked with other realtors for a year and a half, through about a dozen offers, with no home to show for it. Then we met Tamela. A few months and one offer later, we had the right home. Tamela is a fantastic, professional realtor whom we enjoyed working with immensely. Given the opportunity, she will demonstrate precisely what we mean. Words can’t do her services justice.”
L.P. and T.R., Buyers in Somerville
August 11, 2005

“Tamela was great! We would have given up early in the process had it not been for her effort.”
Susan H., Buyer in Belmont
January 11, 2009

“Tamela exceeds expectations by far and is extremely organized, efficient, and professional. She has a very holistic understanding of the whole process and was the first person in Boston who could clearly explain to us the cycles for renting and buying as well as a host of other things that are absolutely vital for newcomers to understand. Had someone explained those things to us when we made our initial trip to Boston, our approach probably would have been quite different. We did not end up buying a house, but I almost wanted to buy one just out of sheer appreciation for everything that Tamela did for us. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better realtor in Cambridge, or anywhere else for that matter.”
P. Maddiwar, Buyer in Somerville
November 2, 2010

“We were first-time buyers. Tamela made us feel comfortable and confident in our decisions. She was honest, professional and knowledgeable. As long as we live in this area, Tamela will be our Agent.”
Carl C., Buyer in Cambridge
September 10, 2002

“Although I knew this couldn’t be true, while Tamela was handling my real estate needs, it was not obvious that she had other clients! She took such good care of me during the process—made me feel like her only client!”
Nancy N., Buyer in Medford
April 8, 2003

“Tamela is exceptionally professional and personable. She was very helpful in organization and details of finishing the deal, and also very supportive and direct. She clearly tailors her style to her client’s needs.”
G.R., Buyer in Cambridge
October 3, 2007

“Tamela far exceeded my expectations for a buyer’s agent! I would strongly recommend her to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a home. Even through the most difficult closing issues (caused by the seller), Tamela was very supportive and did everything possible to keep things moving forward and to keep me informed. Thanks!”
P.K., Buyer in Somerville
August 10, 2005

“I just wanted to say thanks for being on top of everything when we bought our Condo. Your schedules and follow-ups with other involved parties really made everything go smoothly. I’m seeing some alternative ways that realtors are dealing with their clients ( some of our friends ) and it’s clear that you provide exceptional services.”
P. W., Buyer in Cambridge
May, 2004

Seller Client Testimonials

Seller Client Testimonials

“We’ve used Tamela as a buyer’s agent for a condo in Cambridge, MA and again as a seller’s agent 10 years later, keeping in touch throughout that period. Her approach to the market is very well researched and data-driven and she really does her homework! This has paid off on both the buyer and seller side as we had great confidence in the price ranges in the given market. I think what sets Tamela apart from everyone else is her complete domination of the process. She provides a buyer and seller checklist with literally everything that needs to be done by all parties and the deadlines. She follows up with the client, the attorneys, the home inspectors, the lenders, the other agent and anyone else that might possibly put a kink in the armor. Because of this unsolicited due-diligence, we have had extremely smooth on-time transactions in a period of time when horror stories abounded. Tamela is a very pleasant person and always available phone, email, and text but never pushy. Her marketing materials are very professional and as a seller’s agent, she had great respect for the other residents of the condominium and the common areas. As someone who has a skepticism towards salespeople, I can honestly say that I trust Tamela very much and would highly recommend her without reservations.”
P. W., Buyer & Seller in Cambridge
January 19, 2014

“Tamela’s boundless energy and strict attention to the small details that matter in large ways ensured success at the Town Homes at Brighton Mills. This 20-unit, middle-income development was Boston’s first affordable home-ownership development post-recession. Tamela carried it through marketing, applications, lottery, and sales.”
J. Madden, The Community Builders, Inc.
March 14, 2016

“If you need a realtor in the greater Boston area, particularly Cambridge, Tamela is the best. She was highly recommended to us and we could not have been happier with her work. Tamela is professional, thoughtful, meticulous, and insanely knowledgeable. As a seller’s agent, her strategies worked to get us top dollars for our condo and we will always go back to her and her team when we sell or buy.”
M. Yang, Principal at MJY, Esq., Seller in Cambridge
March 12, 2016

“Although Tamela represented “The Other Side” (the buyer), She was extremely professional, thorough, and prompt in her communication. She was a tough but fair negotiator and represented her buyer very well. I would highly recommend her work and if I were looking in the Cambridge/Somerville area, I would definitely retain her services.”
R. Wittig, Seller in Somerville
November 15, 2010

“It is an absolute pleasure to write a recommendation for Tamela Roche. Tamela recently sold our condo during a tough real estate market, and her dedication, true professionalism, and genuinely nice personality made the whole process immensely more pleasant and comforting. Tamela is a strong negotiator and really advocated for our position. Thanks to Tamela’s efforts, we were fortunate to receive two separate offers on the same day! Highly dedicated to her clients, Tamela is always ready for any challenge with a smile and wonderfully positive attitude. Throughout the whole process of selling our home, my husband and I felt we had a close friend right by our side. I highly recommend Tamela to anyone, anytime!”
D. Lee, Seller in Somerville
September 26, 2010

“I highly recommend Tamela Roche for anyone buying or selling property. She puts the client’s interest and needs first. Tamela has an enormous insight into the market and approaches her client’s situations and decisions with understanding and a sincere desire to help in the best way possible. She provides exceptional service. Tamela is definitely a highly skilled, real estate professional.”
Donna K., Seller in Cambridge
October 30, 2009

“Working with Tamela made selling our house so easy – almost relaxing! I always felt she was working in our best interest and went beyond basics every step of the way.”
Sarah M., Seller in Cambridge
September 20, 2007

“Thank you so much for your excellent work as our Listing Agent for the sale of our home in Cambridge. The pleasure was ours as your professionalism, integrity and sincerity shone through in all the hard work you did. From our first meeting to the final walk through, you never wavered in your dedication. I’ve moved often. I’ve sold three homes and purchased four. I think I can safely assert that I have more than the average experience level with buyer and sellers brokers. So when I tell you that you were the best broker we’ve ever worked with you know mine is a qualified opinion. You made an unbelievable situation bearable. I had made a mistake with my first realtor hire. She did a lot of damage with her pricing tactics and her poor salesmanship. You did a swift and amazing job with damage control which resulted in the sale of our home. I can’t thank you enough for helping reunite my family.”
Kate V., Seller in Cambridge
November 6, 2007

“Fabulous service. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Thank you!”
Lana R., Seller in Cambridge
August 25, 2003


Testimonials from Real Estate Industry Professionals

“Tamela Roche is one of the best Real Estate agents I know. She takes the time to go above and beyond by providing her clients with all the information needed to make the right decision when buying or selling their home. She possesses extreme attention to detail making sure that all relevant items to the transaction are taken care of up front and not as an unwelcome surprise. One of Tamela’s best qualities is how personable she is, she truly cares about her clients and through the years this is shown by their loyalty and friendship to her.”
K. Wentworth, Senior Loan Originator
January 22, 2014

“I met Tamela last spring at a Chamber of Commerce event. We immediately hit it off and decided that we worked well together. She referred clients to me this past fall. I could tell right away that she was on top of things, which isn’t always the case. Even though there were some unforeseen issues we had to tackle, the transaction went very smoothly and the clients were extremely pleased. Tamela not only has a great personality, but she has the substance to go with it. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Massachusetts.”
P. Dwyer, Managing Attorney
February 19, 2009

“Tamela is such a genuine person and very good at what she does. She went above and beyond to help with a (NY to MA) residential relocation for a client and his family. In addition, Tamela helped to implement the company’s strategy for employee relocation packages. Needless to say, my client is very happy! Would I refer Tamela again to others?…no question, absolutely!”
Stephanie K.F., Project Manager / Consultant – Corporate Relocation
October 24, 2008

“Tamela is a proven professional. Her focus is on serving the client and ensuring their experience is a positive one. Tamela always goes the distance to make certain that her client’s needs are met ~ no matter what. Tamela and I were colleagues while working at Cisco. Because I have first-hand knowledge of her work ethics and standard of care I would unquestionably utilize Tamela when buying, selling, or referring clients to the greater Boston area. Tamela’s commitment to give back is supported by her dedication to many charities.”
Kathleen D., Real Estate Broker
March 3, 2008

“I have been impressed with the extremely high level of commitment, dedication and service that Tamela has provided for her clients. She has a very thorough understanding of the concerns her clients face and is well-versed in the issues and concerns of the residential Real Estate industry. Whatever the concern may be, Tamela acts truly in the interest of her clients.”
M. Cohen, Registered Professional Home Inspector
September 17, 2007