Client & Service Provider Testimonials

Working with amazing Clients every year is truly rewarding.  I am delighted to share testimonials from previous buyer and seller Clients as well as real estate industry professionals.

If you would like to speak with a past Client about my services, I will coordinate those arrangements once I receive their permission.  Protecting your privacy and confidentiality is an extremely important part of my client services.

Testimonials from Real Estate Industry Professionals

To provide the best service for my Clients requires me to find the best service providers in the industry who can provide skills and expertise needed for “all things home”.  Building strong working relationships with outstanding service providers is just one of many rewarding aspects of my business.

In Their Own Words

“Tamela Roche is one of the best Real Estate agents I know. She takes the time to go above and beyond by providing her clients with all the information needed to make the right decision when buying or selling their home. She possesses extreme attention to detail making sure that all relevant items to the transaction are taken care of up front and not as an unwelcome surprise. One of Tamela’s best qualities is how personable she is, she truly cares about her clients and through the years this is shown by their loyalty and friendship to her.”
Kathy W., Senior Loan Originator

“I met Tamela at a Chamber of Commerce event. We immediately hit it off and decided that we worked well together. She referred clients to me this past fall. I could tell right away that she was on top of things, which isn’t always the case. Even though there were some unforeseen issues we had to tackle, the transaction went very smoothly and the clients were extremely pleased. Tamela not only has a great personality, but she has the substance to go with it. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Massachusetts.”
Patrick D., Founder & Managing Partner, Real Estate Law Firm

“Tamela is such a genuine person and very good at what she does. She went above and beyond to help with a (NY to MA) residential relocation for a client and his family. In addition, Tamela helped to implement the company’s strategy for employee relocation packages. Needless to say, my client is very happy! Would I refer Tamela again to others?…no question, absolutely!”
Stephanie K.F., Project Manager / Consultant – Corporate Relocation

“Tamela is a proven professional. Her focus is on serving the client and ensuring their experience is a positive one. Tamela always goes the distance to make certain that her client’s needs are met ~ no matter what. Tamela and I were colleagues while working at Cisco. Because I have first-hand knowledge of her work ethics and standard of care I would unquestionably utilize Tamela when buying, selling, or referring clients to the greater Boston area. Tamela’s commitment to give back is supported by her dedication to many charities.”
Kathleen D., CA Real Estate Broker/Owner

“I have been impressed with the extremely high level of commitment, dedication and service that Tamela has provided for her clients. She has a very thorough understanding of the concerns her clients face and is well-versed in the issues and concerns of the residential Real Estate industry. Whatever the concern may be, Tamela acts truly in the interest of her clients.”
Morgan C., Registered Professional MA Home Inspector