According to the 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, the typical home seller in 2019 was 57 years old with median household income of $102,900.  Highlights below include the primary reasons for selling, the median sale price percentage and the median time on market.

  • Home sellers typically lived in their home for 10 years before selling in 2019.  This average was 6 to 7 years in 2018.
  • Homes sellers in 2019 reported the sale price was a median of 99% of the final list price.
  • For all home sellers in 2019 the most common reasons for selling their home was:
    • to be closer to friends and family (16%)
    • home was too small (13%)
    • due to a job relocation (11%)
  • Home sellers reported their homes were on the market for a median of 3 weeks.
  • 34% of home sellers in 2019 offered incentives to attract buyers.
  • Home sellers in 2019 received a median sale price $60,000 higher than the purchase price.
  • Only 66% percent of home sellers in 2019 were very satisfied with the selling process.

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