Undivided Loyalty

Select a Listing/Seller Agent who will represent only you, not the Buyer(s) of your home for sale. Beware many Agents choose to work with both the seller AND a buyer in the same transaction; which is not in your best interest. Read more in Know Your Rights.

Real Estate IS Local

Choose a Seller Agent who is very knowledgeable and has experience selling homes in your local market. A local agent will have in-depth knowledge about the housing inventory near your home which is vital to accurately determine fair market value in order to obtain the highest selling price possible.

A highly skilled marketing and sales professional will have the experience necessary to promote your home for sale to as many buyers and buyer agents as possible. You should receive a comprehensive market analysis with pricing recommendations as well as a strategic marketing plan to maximize exposure from as many potential buyers as possible in the market today. Your Seller Agent should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the current market, trends and provide examples of specific strategies proven to be successful in our highly competitive market right now.

Every Agent Is Unique

There are many brokerage firms and agents from which to choose. Be selective to find the agent who will only represent your best interests at all times as the Seller (not the Buyers). Bear in mind real estate agents work as “Independent Contractors” and each may offer vastly different levels of service; even within the same brokerage firm.

Real estate agents must be highly skilled in many practice areas to be successful, including:

  • Understand and protect your rights within city, state and federal regulations
  • Educate, coach and advocate on behalf of Client
  • Be personable and respectful to everyone at all times
  • Highly accessible to Clients and juggle an unpredictable schedule
  • Highly organized, effective with multi-tasking and time management
  • Keep current with market trends and provide updated market analysis
  • Proficient statistical analysis, ability to spot market trends
  • Proven negotiation strategies and techniques
  • Effective task and project manager to ensure a smooth closing

Independent Recommendations

In addition to asking agents to share testimonials from their own past Clients, be sure to ask your family, friends and colleagues to share their experiences while selling their home. Consider asking your accountant and attorney for recommendations as well. Real estate industry professionals who work with real estate agents directly and regularly are excellent sources to identify seasoned and highly reputable professionals with the highest level of integrity who have earned a long-standing, favorable reputation. Interview at least 3 local agents to understand the various types of services offered to find the most qualified marketing and sales professional to be your Seller Agent.