The FY18 Residential Tax Rate* in Cambridge, MA is 6.29% and almost half the rate of neighboring Arlington, MA (12.13%).  But in Cambridge, homeowners occupying a primary residence may be eligible for the Cambridge Residential Exemption saving up to $2,132 annually!

Home Buyer Beware:  Residential tax information provided in MLS Listings may not be accurate especially for listings on the market for an extended period of time.  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) does NOT verify information in a property listing; it is the Buyer’s responsibility to complete due diligence to verify the current residential tax information prior to making a purchase decision.  If applying for a mortgage to finance the home purchase, your lender also needs the most current (and reliable) residential tax information.

* Tax rates are stated per $1,000 of assessed value

Sources:  Official websites for City of Cambridge Assessor and Town of Arlington Assessor