Community Service

Community Service

Helping those who need it most is my second passion and these local organizations are near and dear to my heart:


Community Servings “Pie In The Sky”


We’ve teamed up to PIE IT FORWARD!  We are business partners and friends who care very much about helping others and giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play. Since our team began in 2009 we’ve sold over 13,000 Pies and raised over $365,000 through the Annual “Pie In The Sky” Thanksgiving Bake Sale which benefits Community Servings. We are truly grateful to our families, friends, customers and clients for all their support.
Community Servings prepares delicious medically-tailored meals delivered at home for critically-ill Clients (including their caretaker and children at home) battling 35 types of illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Kidney Disease. Founding goals of Community Servings since 1989 are to help their Clients maintain their health and dignity, provide nutritionally and culturally appropriate meals, preserve integrity of their family and send the message that someone cares.
Not only do we have FUN in our fundraising – we roll up our sleeves to help box up thousands of pies at Pie Central and deliver many Pies too! Community Servings leadership and staff run a “well-oiled machine” and make it FUN to be a fundraising volunteer. ONE $30 PIE = ONE WEEK of medically tailored meals for critically-ill neighbors. Over 90 cents of every $1 raised through “Pie In The Sky” goes directly to providing healthy meals; very few non-profits in the world can achieve that level of efficiency. Community Servings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
On behalf of the entire team, we wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and Thank You for helping us…PIE IT FORWARD for Community Servings!
Tamela Roche
a.k.a. “Captain Cutie “Pie”

“Our Place” Day Care Center for Homeless Children

The Salvation Army Our Place, P.O. Box 390647, Cambridge, MA 02139

The Salvation Army “Our Place” Day Care Center helps families break the cycle of homelessness and attain self-sufficiency by providing a program that meets the educational, emotional and spiritual needs of each family member. While their children are enrolled in Our Place, parents have the opportunity to work, seek permanent housing, attend school, receive counseling, volunteer in the center or attend Parent Workshops.